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Do You Believe in Magic?

Do you let yourself believe in magic, is perhaps a more (age) appropriate question. When you were a child, I'm sure the answer was quickly "yes". As an adult, we hesitate. Maybe this hesitation has more to do with what those around us will think if we answer "yes" than it does in actually believing in magic. Let me say, without hesitation, I believe in magic. It is all around us. We just have to let ourselves see and feel it.

Today I experienced it as my friend and I took a trail walk after a fresh layer of snow landed on everything. The frosting of each tree branch was truly quite magical. Everything dirty and less visually appealing was covered up, there was a sparkle to the snow and a freshness to the air that wasn't there before. You can't help but allow your senses to take it all in... transforming you and bringing new perspective to an otherwise dismal winter setting. Even the river danced and sang a little differently today. It isn't just that nature is healing, which is a form of magic in and of itself (and I will dedicate a post to this in the future), but add to that a clean slate and... well.... wow. The magic is undeniable.

January 2, 2022. What a timely snowfall it has been. A visual reminder that this is a time to start fresh with a blank canvas. An unwritten chapter. A new beginning. Cliché, yes. But there is magic in new beginnings and there isn't anything wrong with using the start of a new year to kick this into gear. Sometimes we need the push. Especially for those of us who have been weighed down with holiday "cheer" (all the extra eating, drinking and merriment!) And for those who have experienced a more challenging year - perhaps one that cannot be over soon enough - a new year is a marker for change. I will suggest that we do our best to hold onto the experiences that made us stronger and changed us into who we are today, if for no other reason than to look at ourselves and be proud of the person that made it here. We are a product of our past experiences and 2021 has been part of that shaping of current self. Let's choose to let go of the things, people, negativity, toxic thoughts, and fears that we may have had, and move forward with only the person we are now as a result, and the things, people, and memories that serve us. Move into 2022 with intention.

This is a whole new chapter. This chapter can't exist without the ones written before it. Let's embrace our whole story. Because part of believing in magic, is believing in its transformational power. As you begin this new year, this new part of your story... close your eyes for a minute and breathe in the magic around you. Let's make this next chapter, 2022, a good one. Full of magic.

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