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Ripple Me This

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Everything has a ripple effect. I know, it's cliché and you've heard it 100 times. There is good reason for that, it's true. Of course, when we are in the thick of it, we can't see it. It's helpful to stand back and gain perspective in order to really SEE the ripples. Like this frozen puddle - if we were just able to take a screenshot of our life looking down, I believe we'd see the ripples our own life/actions/choices are making on our surrounding environment.

Why is this important? I think it's important to be aware of how our 'being' affects the world. If you'd prefer to narrow this field of view, then consider the importance of being self-aware.... aware of how our little actions, decisions and thoughts affect us. How we feel, how we act, how we navigate life events. Let's think of it another way. When we get into the driver's seat of a vehicle, we are responsible for the actions we take as a driver. There are laws created and rules of the road in order to protect other drivers and pedestrians. We are aware of other vehicles driving beside us when we want to change lanes. We look in all directions at intersections to ensure our safety. We check a map before we set out to a destination. Making even a small decision while wielding a giant lump of metal on wheels affects not only our own safety and general outcome, but it also affects everyone around us. Can we start thinking the same way about driving around in a human body all day? Every decision we make not only affects the outcome of our own day, but it will also affect the outcome of people we interact with directly and indirectly that day.

We are powerful creatures. We can learn to be aware of and harness the power of our minds and actions. To understand and appreciate the ripples we create. The small act of making eye contact, and smiling genuinely to the drive-thru person when we picked up our morning cup of caffeine could have turned that person's day around. Our choice to simply believe today is a great day and great things will happen, opened us up to an opportunity at work that may not have presented itself otherwise. Our decision and dedication to hug our kids every day (even when they drive us crazy) makes them feel loved when the world around them makes them feel small and insignificant.

We can't possibly understand the extend of the ripples, but we can learn to understand that they exist and they are important. Even if we don't see it. To be conscious of our thoughts. To choose actions that might not be comfortable. To do things every day knowing that if we could look down at the screenshot of our ripple effect, we would see the beauty in what we've created. Commit to being more conscious and aware of how we may affect others. And how our life outcome may differ by simple choices and actions. This seems small, but this is really big.

Our life has a ripple effect. Our actions have a ripple effect. Our choices have a ripple effect. Our thoughts have a ripple effect.

Ripple on, dude.

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