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3 Things to Make 2023 Different

6 days. That's all that's left of 2022. It's interesting how we use a New Year to mark new beginnings. To make changes. To let go and move ahead. Crossing that "line" of time is a literal reset. And can be very powerful. So what can you do to make sure that 2023 isn't just a repeat of 2022? Maybe 2022 was an amazing exceptional year for you and and it saw many positive exciting things. Repeating might not be such a terrible fate, but what if it could be even better! With the lessons from 2022, we can propel ourselves to new levels. New levels of healing, of loving, or serving, of "success".

Now maybe you're sitting there impatiently waiting for 2022 to be done. Maybe it was a terrible year for you with hurt and setbacks and loss. If this is you, I'm sorry. And I'm sending you love and hope. You have even more reason to keep reading and make your 2023 a solid step ahead of 2022.

Here's what I propose to you today... my 3 things to make 2023 sparkle in new ways.

  1. REFLECT. I've been reading more and more about how some of the more influential people I admire discard the idea of "New Years Resolutions". Instead, they take time to reflect on the year that is coming to an end. What successes did your year see? What obstacles tripped you up? What events do you never want to repeat? You can take things a step further and write down events, people and activities that gave you really good feelings and positive experiences. Now do the same for things that made you feel negative and left you feeling not so great. How will you use this information to design your 2023? Timothy Ferriss dives deeper into this (here: . Reflecting on our year helps us to move forward with a better design plan for our next year, but more importantly, it helps us really sit with events and feelings from a year. Really enjoy the happy moments, and really sit with the not so happy moments. These things have shaped you. And are making you the person you are today and moving forward. Take ownership of that. I think it's important to recognize what you've been through and give yourself credit and grace. You make it. You did it. You rocked it. You got up. You are here. Reflect on that. And be proud.

  2. RESET. I think this is a natural tendency with a new year, but really look at this in a new way. What needs to happen for something to reset? Something is unplugged or turned off for a minute. Make sure you do this. Take a minute. Rest. Breathe. And let things reset. Shake off the things that need to stay in 2022. Shake off the negative energy. Let your mind, your body and your soul reset. It's not a "restore to factory settings" kind of reset... it will be the kind that always stores the memory and lessons. If you're the goal-setting kind of person (yay if you are because this is a great method for success)... use a reset and review of your goals by making adjustments to long-term and short-term goals based on what worked and what didn't in the last 12 months. Break things down into smaller more manageable chunks (every week, every month, every quarter) and reset as many times as you need to. This can be a source of encouragement that we are in control of our future to some degree and can redesign it as we see fit. Reset as many times this year as you need to. And be sure to acknowledge that REST is part of the word RESET.

  3. REMIND. Remind yourself regularly that you are enough. Remind yourself that you have survived 100% of the days you've been on this planet so far. Remind yourself of all the talents and gifts that you have been given. Remind yourself that you've got this. Remind yourself to rest. Remind yourself to take care of you -- all of you. Your mind, your body, your soul. Remind yourself to listen. To your body. To your inner voice. To your intuition. To your gut. Remind yourself that you have been given everything you need inside you to be what you are meant to be. so may 2023 be a year of being you. Authentic. Genuine. Raw. Honest. You. With all your fabulous flaws, and perfect imperfections. With your feelings and your unique experiences that have shaped and formed you. Remind yourself to reflect and reset. Remind yourself that without the bad days, you wouldn't recognize the good ones in quite the same light. Remind yourself that you have power inside of you to make 2023 what you want it to be. Remind yourself of hope. I know... these things are not always simple or easy. Write them down and stick them where you will find them. Set an alarm on your phone with your reminders. Do what it takes to understand the beauty you've got inside of you. And let it shine. Let it lead you. Let it out for the world to see.

May 2023 bring you what you need for the next chapter of your story. And may the next 6 days give you the time to prepare. You've got this. I believe in you!

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