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A 6-Month Program
Unwrap the Beautiful Woman Within 

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Guided by Adrienne Wieler,
Founder of My Solo Unfolding

Hi! I'm Adrienne. I developed this program after having gone through separation, divorce and the journey of finding myself after a major life event forced me to face what I was trying to ignore for years - that I had lost myself. I didn't recognize who I was.  I didn't know how to introduce or describe myself other than "I'm a mom, I'm a wife, I'm an employee". 


I have spent the better part of 10 years healing, evolving, and finding my authentic self.  I've taken coaching courses, I've read books, listened to podcasts, talked to experts in their fields, explored numerous healing modalities. I've spend hundreds of hours in conversation with other women going through similar life situations.  


Is my journey over? Heck no - the journey is ongoing! But I've made it this far, picking up tools and techniques that work along the way. It's been a trial and error process, and I could not be more grateful for where I am right now.   I know who I am, I'm proud of the woman I've become.  And now I want to help other women go through this "becoming"  by sharing what I've learned.  I want women to unwrap that woman inside without the struggle of being alone and without feeling like they are without an instruction manual.


I actually wrote a manual for you! 


I've worked hard to get to this point and I'd love to make it easier for you. Less "lumps and bumps" for you with a plan and a guide (that's me!). 


Let's get started. Take a deep breath. Now click the button below to join me. You are worth investing in! Do what most women neglect to do -- make yourself a priority.  I can't wait to meet you! 

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In this program, you will find

3 Live Calls per month + Bonus Calls

Guest speakers/experts


Small Groups/Accountability Partners

Homework, Challenges & Prizes!

Recordings of all sessions 

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I can't wait to start this process with you! 
Take my hand, and let's do this. 
I've got you.

Program in Progress. Add yourself to the waitlist for my next start date! Coming soon!

Thanks for subscribing!

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